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in this country and jobs but it increases revenue because, you know, think about it. more people paying taxes. you know, that's just good stuff when people are paying taxes. folks are getting educated in america. they are serving in our armed services. they are making our country better and brighter and safer blah, blah, blah, blah, blah blah. why do we need immigration reform? why? it's so important and we will take calls on that too. give us a call on that. taking calls on chuck hagle. twitter is abuzz about chuck. what do you think about this whole immigration stuff? >> it's time to get it done because republicans have finally, gotten on board. i think it's a shame, the time that they deem it's time to get it done. the time to really do it was five years ago. i mean a long time ago. but it's pretty from the parent that republicans realize they have got to get on board because they got their asses handed to them in the last election. the fact that now everybody wants to come to the table and participate, i think it's sad, and i think that it's worth pointin
years. that money is going to go right in, in terms of back taxes and taxes paid into social security the trust fund medicare education. and more productivity. people who are going open up their businesses. immigrants are good at starting up their businesses. >> sure. >> the president is saying he wants to attach a green card to those people that are highly qualified that have ph.d.s and master's in science and technology. >> the president, their eight senators came up with their outline for comprehensive immigration reform. four republicans and four democrats. then the president has his plan. orrin hatch and one other senate came up with a plan saying we need to have more green cards for highly skilled workers to come in. particularly in the high-tech industry. >> right. >> why do we have to import people with those skills? can't we train americans for those skills? >> you are absolutely right. and we should be. the president is saying we need to do that. we need to have teachers that are qualified to teach those classes. >> right? >> i agree. whe
is an independent agency. most people are surprised to learn there are no tax dollars. tax dollars do not go to support the post office. at the same time, times have changed as we just talked about. more and more people, fewer people using the post office as their number one means of communication. so they're just not sending as much mail. they're not buying as many stamps. no matter how high you raise the price of a full prize staff it won't -- full price stamp it won't balance out. the congress has refused to pass any postal reform so the post office is still stuck with this obligation, get this, they're obliged to put money into the bank every year for future pensions. not pensions for the people who are already collecting a pension. but to put that money aside for people who work for the post office and will collect a pension in the future. $5.5 billion a year! they've been asking to get out from under that burden. no other government agency has that same requirement. but for some reason, the stupid congress put this burden on the post office. making it impossible for them, really to bal
you know, tax breaks for oil companies hedge fund carried interest. all of these loopholes that mitt romney said he was open to closing. they've got to be part of this discussion. and there are smart changes in terms of medicare savings which don't affect benefits and age of eligibility and all of that that can easily get dealt with and by the way the word "afghanistan" after 2014, if you close the door on combat troops with a measure, cbo will tell us that creates huge savings. this is so avoidable. it is just -- shocking. we're 20 days away. >> bill: so with sequestration, what are the options? can congress just cancel? >> they could. >> bill: we were just kidding? >> well, yes. what i would say is that when vice president biden negotiated the fiscal cliff and came and spoke to the caucus, he actually, at the time of the negotiations, said okay, we're passing a measure $700 billion in new revenue over the next ten years, let's turn off sequestration for a year or two and we could sort of finish it all off. the republican position was basically to treat that new revenue as not appli
pass a package of spending cuts and tax increases in an effort to head off a new round of military cuts kicking in march 1st. the president wants congress to delay those cuts for at least another few months while republicans are so far dismissing his appeals for new revenue. more bill is up next. [ music ] >> broadcasting across the nation, on your radio and on current tv this is "the bill press show." >> bill: president obama says the sequester is looming. congress better get busy and fix the damn thing. hello, everybody. what do you say? it is wednesday, wednesday, february 6th. this is the full court press on your local t.v. your progressive talk radio station and on sirius xm. thank you for joining us on a brings news day. lots of big stories particularly here in washington yesterday. most of the talk was about the department of justice white paper on drones which where we started our show yesterday. we were the first ones to talk about it. it dominated the news and the white house briefing. we will talk about that. the ravens had a big party
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5